I’m showing a bit of my local pride with this bike map. This ride starts in Bellingham, loops around Lake Samish, and back. The whole ride is a little more than 20 miles. It’s a nice ride with a few hills at the beginning and end of the route. I love riding this on a nice sunny day. The ride past the crest of the hill on Samish is great. There is a good downhill slope and the scenery is really nice, especially along the lake. I also recommend this as a training ride. It isn’t really all that long but the hills can be killer if you aren’t used to riding a lot.

Click on the map to add way-points. When you are finished click Plot Route.

Total Distance:

Plot your route, divide it into pages pages, then print!
  1. Click on the map to create way-points. When finished click ‘Find Route.’
  2. Divide the route into pages by panning and zooming to a viewpoint that provides a good level of detail. Then click ‘+ Panel.’ Repeat until all of the route is represented in a page.
  3. Click the print button to move to print mode. Click the printer icon or user your browser’s print function to print the pages.

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    [...] every 15 miles. A more common use would be to create a map for a shorter in town ride, say riding around Lake Samish from Bellingham. In the end you may not need a map but when you do it can make a big [...]

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