This is another one of my favorite local rides. It’s a flat easy ride that comes in at about 30 miles. Sometimes I’ll go out Marine Dr. instead of Northwest Dr. to make it quicker. All of the roads on this bike map are fairly untraveled but the speed limit may be fairly high. The road conditions are fine though. Somewhere on the east side of Lummi Nation past Cagey Rd. and before the road gets away from the coast I’ve encountered a pack of dogs that give a good chase when I ride by. I’ve never been bit but the dogs seem serious so I’ve never slowed to find out. I’d reserve some extra speed for that leg of the ride.

Click on the map to add way-points. When you are finished click Plot Route.

Total Distance:

Plot your route, divide it into pages pages, then print!
  1. Click on the map to create way-points. When finished click ‘Find Route.’
  2. Divide the route into pages by panning and zooming to a viewpoint that provides a good level of detail. Then click ‘+ Panel.’ Repeat until all of the route is represented in a page.
  3. Click the print button to move to print mode. Click the printer icon or user your browser’s print function to print the pages.

One Response to “Bellingham Around Lummi Nation”

  1. colleen says:

    I did this Ride on Saturday! it was my first serious ride 30 miles from my house and back. It was great, only one hill of significance, and there is a convenience store at mile 13 where I was able to refill my water bottle and by a much needed cheese stick (I was hungry) the roads were clear of traffic, with a generous shoulder most of the way, and some gorgeous views of Bellingham bay. Five Stars!!!!!!

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