This is a portion of the Oregon Coast Bike Route. This section is especially excellent because it starts and ends with two great breweries. The Ft. George brewery is located in Astoria, OR and the Rogue Brewery is in Newport, OR. The riding between the two is mostly flat with great ocean views. I highly recommend spending some time at Devil’s Punchbowl SP and grabbing Mo’s chowder while you are there.

Click on the map to add way-points. When you are finished click Plot Route.

Total Distance:

Plot your route, divide it into pages pages, then print!
  1. Click on the map to create way-points. When finished click ‘Find Route.’
  2. Divide the route into pages by panning and zooming to a viewpoint that provides a good level of detail. Then click ‘+ Panel.’ Repeat until all of the route is represented in a page.
  3. Click the print button to move to print mode. Click the printer icon or user your browser’s print function to print the pages.

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