Things You Will Need:

  • A craft knife
  • A stiff piece of paper-board
  • 3 strips of Velcro (cord keepers work well)
  • A pencil
  • A large Ziploc bag
  • Clear tape

Things you will need


  1. Hold the paper-board up to your bike and mark where you want to position the Velcro strips. You will need two near the top corners and one in the center. The strips in the corners will wrap around your handle bars. The one in the middle will wrap around your handle bar riser.
  2. Cut out 2 horizontal holes large enough for your Velcro in the top corners of the paper-board.
  3. Cut out two holes for the middle strap. The holes should be a little farther apart than the handlebar riser is wide.
  4. Now put your paper-board into the plastic bag.
  5. If the bag is much bigger that a map then cut off the excess and tape the top shut.
  6. On the underside of the bag cut 4 slits that correspond to the holes cut for the Velcro. They should be in the middle of the holes and about 1/4 inch longer than the holes.
  7. Cut 2 slits at the top of the bag in line with the top two holes on the paper-board.
  8. Feed the Velcro through the paper-board and the bag so the Velcro exits the bag through the slits on the underside of the bag.
  9. Now attach the map holder to your handle bars. The upper Velcro strips should wrap loosely around your handlebars and the strip around your bar riser should be tight.
  10. Map holder attached to bike.

  11. Go for a ride!


This is really easy to make an essential for one day rides in new territory. You can make the holder as large as you want but I think anything much over 6 X 9 might get to be cumbersome. I saw this design on another How To but instead of paper-board they used some kind of plastic. I chose the paper-board because it is much more common, recycled, and free. You could really use anything as long as it is stiff and easy to work with.

The map in the holder at the end is the 2009 edition of the Oregon Coast Bike Route. It’s published by the Oregon Department of Transportation. They give the map away for free and at kiosks in the state. I found mine in a kiosk near a bridge in Astoria.

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