Right now I’m calling my map creator version 1. At it’s most basic functionality it is a useful tool. Mapping out everyday rides is a snap to accomplish and when the time comes, a pleasure to use. Currently the app features: custom route plotting via clicking the map; panel creation via + Panel link; horizontal split map; and manual final layout/printing.

In the future I will be exploring various options for saving and sharing the maps. Currently I am investigating importing from ‘my maps’ in Google. The biggest priority will be to add distance markers and an elevation profile. I will also add local services/attractions at some point. If you have anything you would like to see in coming releases leave a comment!

On another note:

The announced that they are going to develop a bike mode for their directions finding algorithm. Once this feature is added to the Google Maps API I will be able to implement intelligent bike route finding.

The added intelligence would allow routes on bike paths and roads with bike lanes to be preferred. This would make a huge difference when plotting routes in cities. I have definitely been in situations where I chose roads in unfamiliar cities only to be faced with intense traffic while a road with a bike lane was only one block away.¬†Until that time all we’ve got is knowledge and intuition.

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