Ever since Google announced that they added a bike map option to their popular mapping software I’ve been working on incorporating the new directions into my map creator. Today I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished updating my code and I uploaded a new version of the map creator!

Here’s a list of the changes:

  • Added support for bike there directions. The map creator will now plot routes according to Google’s bike there option. Prior to the update the routes were just based on shortest distance and fastest traveling time, for an automobile (without traveling on freeways). This prevented the map creator from plotting routes that used trails or back roads which are more suitable for biking.
  • I’ve gotten rid of the ‘Plot Mode.’ Now every time you click on the map it creates a new way point and plots directions to that way point. No need to click ‘Plot Route’ anymore.
  • Way point markers are now draggable. If you decide that the way point isn’t in the right spot you can drag it to a new location. Your route will automatically be re-plotted.
  • ‘Start Over’ has been moved along side the ‘Print’ button and won’t disappear when you change modes.

Additionally I changed the position of the ‘total distance’ text as well. This isn’t really worth making a bullet about it but it is an indication of a future feature: route elevation profiles! Shortly after Google released their ‘Bike There’ directions they also added an elevation service to developers. Eventually that boring white box will include a neat elevation profile as well!

As always I’d love to hear your comments about the map creator. There has been a lot of dissatisfaction with the biking directions in the blogosphere. If you find that my app isn’t giving useful directions let me know.

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