I’ve added a bunch of stuff to the site since I last made an announcement. I added facebook integration; an index of all the routes on the site; and a way for registered users to save routes to the site!

The facebook integration came out right after facebook announced their external like button and other features. If you see a route that you like you can click the like button and share it with your friends. You can also link your facebook account with the site which will let you bypass the login/registration process. This is accomplished by adding the Ride Free Bike Maps app to your facebook account. Currently I all I ask is for your email address for registration/account purposes. In the future I’ll add some functions that will post routes that you create on your wall/page.

The Route Index was something that I’ve had running on my box at home. It was a quick and dirty kind of project but I’m happy with the results. I think it looks a bit boring and a bit light on info about the routes. I’ll add some more info like date created and author information in the future, maybe even descriptions.

Most importantly I’ve added a page for registered users to contribute routes! To get there click the Members Only Map Creator link in the sidebar. If you are logged in it will take you to the page shown in the picture on the left. You can then create a route complete with name and description. After clicking Save Route the route will be inserted into the database with the information provided including who created it. Then the route will show up on the route index page. I’ve got a lot of ideas on how to improve this. Right now I feel like it really could use some more features but it works so I wanted to post it.

I’ve also got some bad news. Google changed their directions function so that the max way points you can have is now 10. So I had to add a function that cuts you off if you try to add more than the max. That also caused a lot of the routes on the site to break because they have too many way points. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a solution to fix the problem but it will mean reworking how my app handles directions. It could prove to be difficult.

Anyway stay tuned for some cool new features, I have a feeling that I’ll be able to add some neat stuff soon!

One Response to “Update: Several new things! Including user contributed maps!”

  1. Ian says:

    So I made a small improvement to the way routes are loaded from the route index page. Now when you click on a route the name and description of the route will be displayed above the map. Currently most of the routes don’t have descriptions but that is something I can fix really easily. I just need to find the time to do it.

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