Yet another quick update!

I fancied up the elevation profile by adding a marker on the map so you can see exactly where that monster hill is. Now when your mouse is over the elevation profile that green marker shows up on the map to tell where on the map that elevation corresponds to. When your mouse leaves the elevation profile the marker disappears.

I also fixed a bug that occurred when a set of directions couldn’t be calculated for what ever reason. Now when the error is permnent, like requesting bikeing directions from Seattle to Paris, an alert will pop-up and the offending marker will be removed. If the error is temporary, like gremlins ate the directions, they will automatically be re-requested. This should be invisible. It’s a hard bug to work on though because I can’t get a reliable source of Gremlins. If you see weird errors in the map; such as the wrong routes get deleted when you click on a marker; leave me a comment so I can investigate further.

It’s been a long while since I coded something for the site. The other day in Bellingham was pretty cloudy so I started working on getting rid of the waypoint limit. Today I finally updated the site software so there is no longer a limit on the number of waypoints!

I got around the limit by chopping the route into sections and manipulating the sections individually. Prior to this I would recalculate the entire route if anything was changed. This also makes the directions results a bit better. In the prior version the route was calculated all at once and Google’s bike route finding algorithm would sometimes produce weird results. I don’t know why this was happening but I have a feeling that it was some effort to avoid bad streets for riding on and keep a forward direction. Now if you see weird routing going on you can just force the route by adding extra markers.

Even though I got this working really well there is still a couple of big bugs in the program. Most importantly the maps can’t be printed well. It has to do with the way that the map is displayed by the API so I can’t fix the problem. I can convert the printable maps to static images to get around the problem. I may do that, I’m not sure. Secondly adding pages to loop routes is pretty tough. When ever a route crosses out of and back into a page the app has difficulty with that. Especially if the route start and end points are in the page. I’m not sure how I’ll fix that guy but I am aware of the problem.