A while back Google released their chrome browser. I downloaded it on my Windows OS and really loved it. It is super fast and the minimalist interface is very pleasing. I would have made it my default browser right then except I couldn’t use it on my Linux OS which is where I spend most of my time. Recently all that changed, Google released Chrome for Linux and I have officially moved over there. The switch reminded me of a problem with printing I faced while designing the map creator. The solution I used only worked for firefox so it worked for me but not everyone.

Today I went in and made some adjustments to the style sheets and now printing should preform perfectly for everyone. Prior to the update printing using any browser but Firefox would produce a page with a plethora of profuse parts. Presently printing produces your particular projection and nothing more.

The preceding paragraph was produced by the letter “P.”

Before I conclude this post I want to share some tips for printing:

  • Make sure the page is set to ‘landscape mode’ and not portrait.
  • Also check that the page prints at 100%, sometimes the default is shrink to fit which can shrink your map unnecessarily.
  • You don’t need to create a panel to print it. If you think you might need some extra detail for an area off the route you can just drag and zoom the map to the appropriate spot and then print it.